Chamber Music

Tall Trees (2016) for flute, clarinet and bassoon,  This composition was inspired by the book, The Wild Trees, by Richard Preston.  The book tells the story of the young scientists who first climbed the 360 foot giants and discovered a whole new world in the canopy of the trees.


Nocturne (2016) for viola and piano

Introduction and Dance (2015) for flute, oboe, violin, viola and cello. Listen to June 27, 2015 performance by the Divisa Ensemble.

Collage (2012) for soprano, clarinet, violin and cello, words by Carla Brooke. Listen to movement three, “Garden,” duration 4:08. Performed by Maria Mikheyenko, soprano, with members of the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra.  I float with silver wings glistening each time a flower opens…

Luminosity (2011) for piano, violin and cello. Listen to June 3, 2017 performance of movements 1 & 2  by the Ives Collective in Palo Alto, California.

Fancy Free (2010) for clarinet and string quintet, duration 11:20.  Listen to June 11, 2010 performance by the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra. Movement 1, “Shadows” 


Three Half Moon Bay Songs (Two Seals, Harbor Moon, Ocean Storm) (2007-2009) for soprano, flute, violin and cello.

Adagio and Dance for Woodwinds (2009) for woodwind quintet

Anthem for Brass (2008) for brass quintet

Ives Variations (2005) for string quartet.  Listen to 2005 performance by the Ives Quartet.

Adagio and Dance (2005) for Guitar and Flute

Intermezzo (2005) for Alto Sax, Electric Guitar, Electric Piano and Bass

Four Retablos For Soprano, Flute, Piano and Cello (2003) My most performed composition, performed in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Bakersfield, California, Seattle, Texas, and New York. The retablos of Four Retablos are based on anonymous Mexican folk paintings with texts that offer thanks to God.   
Listen to mp3 of Retablo 1:


Beeline for String Quartet (2002)

Quartet for Double Basses (1976, revised 2002) received “Highly Honored” award from British and International Bass Forum

Escapade for Brass Quintet (2001)

Dear Composer (1999) For 3 narrators and tape: alternate version for 3 narrators, tape and live instruments (piano and bass).Read More

Crystal Nocturne (1999) For viola and piano.

La Vida Es Como Un Sueño (1999) For flute, piano, violin and cello. Alternate version for alto sax, percussion, harp, violin and cello.  Read More

Listen to mp3: 


Channels (1999) For woodwind quartet; flute, clarinet, horn and bassoon.

Channels (1998) Electronic music composition. Read More

Fantasia for Sax (1998) For alto sax, percussion, piano, violin and cello. Read More

Five Gifts of Life (Strings Version, 1997) For actor and string quartet.Read More

Blues in Bb…(1996) Trio for clarinet, piano and bass.Read More

Listen to mp3:

Foam (Musical Suite) For flute/clarinet/alto sax, trumpet, violin and cello.

Elegy for Solo Cello (1996) Listen to performance by Kris Yenney, cello at a NACUSAsf concert at Lucie Stern Community Ballroom on June 4, 2005.


Desert Sketches (1995) Trio for clarinet, violin and cello. 

Read More

Listen to a performance by the Violeto Trio of Movement 1:


Six Etudes for String Quartet (1980) Read More

Listen to Mp3’s of Movement 4 and Movement 5:


The Five Gifts of Life (1979, revised 1997) Same as above version, but different instrumentation:  For voice, actor, alto sax, percussion, electric piano and cello.

Quintet (1977) For flute, oboe, clarinet, piano and contrabass.

Septet on American Themes (1975) For flute, trumpet, percussion, violin, viola, cello and contrabass.