Opera and Musical Theater

ISHI, Scene 2

ISHI ~ Full-length opera, currently in progress.  To learn more about Ishi, visit Ishi opera

The Answering Machine
One-act opera. Created with librettist Carla Brooke. (Premiere May 13, 2000 at the Palo Alto Art Center.)  Read More Listen to “The Was A Time” from The Answering Machine.

   Law Offices

(1996) Full-length opera, libretto by the composer. 

Read More Listen to Law Offices, Scene 5


(1996) Musical-dramatic work for six actors and four instrumentalists (flute/clarinet/alto sax, trumpet, violin., cello). Created with co-author (text) Carla Brooke. Read More
El Condor
(1993) Musical play. Created with co-librettist Carla Brooke. Read More
The Great American Dinner Table
(1978) One-act opera, libretto by the composer. Read More