Orchestral Music

(2013) for chamber orchestra, duration 7:30.
     Sprites are immense, but brief, flashes of red light that appear above thunderstorms. This unusual weather phenomenon was only first documented in 1989.  This composition, Sprites, was inspired by these unique weather events.
(2010) for orchestra, duration 7:10.  Performed by the Mission Chamber Orchestra, Emily Ray. conductor

Phoenix Rising
(2007) Listen to July 7, 2007 performance by the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra. Duration 6:04.

Ashes Falling
(2005) Listen to performance by San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra on June 10, 2005.  Duration 6:28.
Free Form
(2004) for alto sax and orchestra. Listen to September 25, 2004 performance by the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra, Palo Alto, California, Michael Cooke, alto sax. Duration 6:40.
Smoke and Mirrors
(2004) Premiere: May 9, 2004, San Francisco, Calfornia.  Duration 7:15.
Four Retablos For Soprano and Orchestra
(2003) orchestral version of my most performed composition, based on anonymous Mexican folk paintings with texts that offer thanks to God.  Duration 15:00.
Beeline: A Concert Overture
(2002) A beeline is usually defined as the shortest distance between two points, but anyone who has watched a bee fly knows this is not true at all. The insect often flies in a divergent, zigzag course and only makes a straight arrow approach when going directly to the hive. The form of this overture metaphorically follows the same path. Listen to 2005 performance by the Mission Chamber Orchestra.  Duration:  4:40.
Concerto for Electric Guitar
(1998) Listen to “Concerto for Electric Guitar, Movement Three” Read More

The Rogue River Canyon: A Suite for Chamber Orchestra
(1995)Read More
Absolutely Gebrauchsmusik
(1995) Duration: 7:30.
Christmas Eve on Market Street
(1987) For children’s chorus and orchestra.  Duration 5:15.
Suite on American Themes
(1975) Read More
Berge in die Nacht