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-NEW MUSIC FOR BAND, STRINGS AND CHOIR- I hope you will consider these compositions for your ensembles and choirs. As a music teacher for over 25 years, I have taught diverse students from elementary school beginners to professional choirs and orchestras. I have learned a lot from my years of teaching. I believe these compositions will inspire and challenge your students and meet their needs for musical growth.
RockInTimeScan_3.jpg Rock In Time
(Band, Grade 2) Written in the style of "Let's Go Band" and "Pep Rally Rock," it begins with a classic riff in the bass instruments. Trumpets soar above with a jazzy melody. All instruments get a chance to play the tune. Your students will love it!
ChildWonders1p.jpg A Child Wonders
For children's chorus (two part). "Why is the sky blue? Why do the stars shine?" This lovely two part composition with piano ponders questions we all ask as children. A wonderful addition to your young choir's repertoire. Appropriate for winter or spring concerts. Duration 3:00.
RiverSuitep1.jpg River Suite
River Suite (Strings, Grade 2) Just completed, this short three movement suite (duration 5:05) depicts a river rafting trip. From the gentle “Drifting Downstream” to the “River of Mystery” to the “Rolling Rapids,” your orchestra will love to play this picturesque composition.
AlchemyP1.jpg Alchemy
Alchemy is here! Alchemy means having transforming or enchanting power. Recently completed, Alchemy, for band is an energetic, well-crafted composition that your students will love. Here are some actual student comments: “Alchemy is mysterious and fun, but challenging as well.” “Its tune made you want to keep playing!” “I loved Alchemy! It is a very exciting song!”
ButterflyP1.jpg Butterfly
In this lovely work for choir from a poem by Carla Brooke, I attempted to capture the lightness and beauty of the butterfly as it flies from blossom to blossom. I hope your choir members will enjoy this inspirational composition for SATB chorus and piano. Duration: 4:40
HowDidTheRoseP1.jpg How Did The Rose?
For SATB choir, a cappella. The text comes from an exquisite poem by Hafiz, the 14th century Persian poet, translated by Daniel Ladinsky. John Beeman's elegant setting captures the timeless beauty of the poem.
FootstepsP1.jpg Footsteps of Ishi
For String Orchestra, Grade 1. Ishi, the last Native American of the Yahi tribe, came out of hiding in California in 1911. Ishi lived the rest of his life at the Museum of Anthropology in San Francisco where he taught the public about the Yahi culture. This haunting composition uses only first position and simple rhythms. The minor modality beautifully creates a Native American feeling. Aligns with social studies curriculum.